Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Fire Code Regulations

Chinese Lanterns

By definition, the act of lighting a Chinese lantern and releasing it results in an unattended fire and unattended fires are a violation of state law. By tethering a Chinese lantern using a kite string or something similar the argument can be made that the lantern was not left unattended, but still extreme caution must be exercised as the responsible person will be held liable for any resulting damage and fire suppression costs. Events such as Night Lights operate under a special permit.

Tannerite and other exploding targets

Exploding targets are legal to possess and use unless otherwise specified by a fire restriction order. The BLM annualy issues a seasonal fire restriction order from June 15 until rescinded which includes a ban on the possession or use of any kind of explosive. State and County restrictions also prohibit exploding targets, however these restrictions are only in effect during extreme fire danger conditions. Tooele County prohibits using any item as a target that may create a hazard or nuisance. (6-18-8) Fire restriction documents can be found at: https://UtahFireInfo.gov.


Fireworks can only be discharged during the legal dates and times specified by state law, unless a permit has been issued to a licensed pyrotechnician by the respective city or county. Unless prohibited by an active fire restriction order, fireworks can be legally discharged on state and unincorporated private land during the legal dates and times. The responsible person who discharges fireworks and causes any damage or fires will be held liable and is subject to fire suppression costs. Legal dates: July 2 – 5, July 22 – 25, December 31, and Chinese New Year.

Burn Permits

While the online burn permit system should provide ample opportunity for county residents to accomplish seasonal burning, other opportunities exist. Unless the area is currently under a fire restriction order, you can request a burn permit from the Fire Warden. A site visit will be required and the necessary weather conditions must be present. Items not grown on the property cannot be burned. Recreational fires do not require a burn permit.

Fire Restriction Waivers

For certain necessary operations that would otherwise be a violation of a fire restriction order, a waiver can be requested through the Fire Warden. Fire prevention measures will need to be demonstrated and approved by the Fire Warden or an authorized agent. For federal fire restriction waivers please contact the appropriate agency.

Target Shooting

Fires caused by target shooting are a common occurence in Tooele County. Use extreme care and avoid using steel core/steel jacket ammunition (test with a magnet), tracer ammunition, and exploding targets in areas of dry vegetation. These items are prohibited when fire restrictions are in effect. Choose your target area wisely and be prepared with water and a shovel.