Fire Restrictions

Decisions to implement fire restrictions on unincorporated state/private, or federal lands are made by the authority having jurisdiction. The decisions are based on fire danger and predicted weather forecasts and are implemented for public safety and to prevent catastrophic wildfires. Incorporated towns and cities have the authority to decide whether or not they will follow suit when the state and county implement restrictions, or they can set independent restrictions as they see fit.
No Current Restrictions in effect
Fire Restrictions in effect

Firework Restrictions

Class C Fireworks purchased in the State of Utah can legally only be discharged on state and private lands during the state approved dates and times set around certain holidays. If fire restrictions are active then discharging fireworks is illegal even during the state approved dates and times. It is illegal to possess fireworks on federal lands, with one exception; the BLM allows the public discharge of fireworks on the Bonneville Salt Flats for a Fourth of July celebration (consult with the local BLM office for further guidance). As always, an individual is responsible for their own actions and will be held liable for any damage or fires resulting from discharging fireworks.

Interactive Land Ownership Map

Utilize this interactive map to determine land ownership in Tooele County. Activate the Land Ownership layer and zoom in for a color coded map that shows federal, state and private lands. Parcel data is also available